We can point the wayVirtue GuidesPlease make use of our tax, expenses, IR35 & running-a-business guides, which can all be found in our guides area. Virtue are a national specialist firm of accountants, we've helped thousands of new start-up businesses, self-employed and contractors get begin working for themselves.

Starting a business - Talk to Virtue

If you're about to start working for yourself - perhaps contracting or becoming self-employed you'll benefit from talking to us first. Virtue Accounting are a specialist firm of Accountants who can help structure and run your business SAFELY; avoid hassle, research and common mistakes:

  • Hear an honest assessment of your trading options
  • Understand what’s really best for you – not just whatever gets you to sign up
  • Hassle-free business set up and proper structuring
  • Someone to watch your back and guide you through common mistakes and pitfalls
  • Proper customer service and ongoing accountancy support

Free Business Structure Advice

Put your details in our contact form, or press some buttons and talk to one of our accountants free on 0800 121 6016. Ask us some difficult questions.

If you decide you'd like Virtue to be your accountants then we usually make no charge for getting your business set up and structured correctly.

Choose The Right Accountant For You

Choosing an accountant is a leap of faith and we understand you may have spoken to other firms. Be on your guard if any of this has happened to you:

Call 0800 121 6016 or 02476 713 720Herded to a particular trading route (often umbrella or limited company) without listening properly to your circumstances

You've been given risky tax advice like paying yourself a very low salary or splitting dividends with family members, without also properly explaining what could happen

They've suggested using their clever automatic one-size-fits-all online web-system to do all the admin and run your business for you

...Seriously, HMRC will hunt you down with wild dogs for this sort of thing.