bowlersVirtue was formed on the belief that listening properly to clients, clear jargon-free communication and sensible advice were key to making customers happy. And so, the founders spent over a year building Virtue Accounting, a company that removed the inefficiency and tediousness from the accountancy processes, allowing Virtue to concentrate on providing top-notch service and advice to customers......All before they had a single client.

Virtue Accounting is one of three companies that make up Virtue Group - There's Virtue Financial which offers financial planning services, and Virtue Consulting which is a management and I.T. consultancy promoting the Virtue approach to doing business.

Virtue's Top Brass

Paul had ten years as an accountant and director in the contractor accounting service provider sector. He is obsessed with clarity and has a sense of justice and fair play that ensures clients stay on the right side of HMRC. He is doggedly persistant in looking after clients' best interests and ensures they get the tax breaks they're entitled to. A writer in his spare time, he recently published a swotty academic accounting textbook; 'How To Do Dead Hard Sums' which earned him an honourary PhD from Rhyl University's Faculty of Long Division.

Mechanical adding machineKulvarn has an impressive background as a traditional Chartered Certified Accountant, of course this meant that he joined us able only to speak late 18th-century semi-legal jargon. After a month he'd mastered the technique of saying 'but' instead of 'However, notwithstanding the aforementioned', and has since made a full recovery.

Many Thanks

Everyone we've encountered has helped generously and enthusiastically. While we thank you all, we'd like to doff our caps to these people who gave us invaluable help and support: The HMRC Service Company Team in Sheffield, Sage (UK) in Salford, Microsoft UK, the nice people at Kodak Imaging Solutions and Invu.