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Q. How come your site is all grungey and old-fashioned, yet you say you're slick, tech-savvy and customer friendly?

A. Oh dear. Perhaps you were away the day they covered this at school? It's a special thing called parody. You can learn about it here. We're simultaneously poking fun at the old-fashioned image many accountants have, while at the same time showing our respect and admiration for some classic vintage technology and other nifty stuff.

Q. Is Doris the Virtue Teletype Operator single? Would she like to go on a date with me?

A. Doris is flattered, but no.

Q. I've heard it's possible to pay my partner dividends and save on tax. Is that right?

A. The infamous Arctic Systems Case. Technically, it's possible but new pending legislation will eventually completely outlaw it. HMRC HATE people doing it - with a passion. We've got a complete guide to income shifting here, but in short, unless you want a running battle with HMRC, it's best avoided.

Q: Explain those cut-outs you put on the back of your letters. I messed mine up; where can I get copies?

A. We don't like wasting stuff so we decided that we'd make the backs of our letters more useful and interesting. We saw a design for a cut-out on the internet and decided to make our own. You can download a copy of the CCTV camera in the download area.